Luchezar is an artist from Bulgaria who is also participating in the Santa Fe Biennial 2008. His project is a performance piece and a collaboration with various artists around Santa Fe. Artists were to design images for T-shirts to be sold at the Biennial and for the Art Squad, a youth group collected by Site Santa Fe for Luchezar’s project. The Art Squad are to work as tour guides in different chosen areas of Santa Fe, discussing information and urging the audience to interact. The shirts had to incorporate the phrases “Lucky You” and “Lucky Me”. I was chosen to create the designs for the Art Squad. Here are several designs: first I started out with a target¬† with “Lucky You” under and a bouquet of arrows on the back saying “Lucky Me” under but that evolved into darts and a dart board.


The effort to get to UBC is always worth it for it’s natural and relaxing campus, surrounded by water and forest. Face it, they’ve got the nicest part of Vancouver. The Belkin which is located by the rose garden and over looks an awesome view of the bay and mountains, prepares your mood for entering the gallery. The show there now: EXPONENTIAL FUTURE, which ends on April 27, consists of a variety of Vancouver artists exploring different mediums from silk screen, drawing, to video, video projection, photography, sculpture, and 3D images. The show aims to reveal artists working in contemporary media to show the possibilities of artistic tools in the 21st Century, a “new artistic thinking of our time and place” (

The digital video projection piece by Tim lee titled “Untitled (Light-Space Module, Lazio Moholy Nagy, 1928-30)” from 2007 consisted of a retro film projector which loops the film to be repeated, double reflector mirrors and surface glass to project the short clip on a small rear projection screen. The small clip was of a chair up-side-down in eerie lighting turning around as a stop motion clip. It wasn’t just the clip that was on display, it was the projector as well for the viewer can see the film on the outside looping and the interesting out dated sound of the machine’s clicking. He has modernized the projector by altering how it works as well as the projection screen is contemprorary. The chair in the clip is also a modern design but the lighting suggests otherwise.

The work that particularly caught my attention were the graphite drawings and silk screen by Corin Sworn. Her drawings, “The Grounds”, “Walking with fire”, and “It’s Not the Belief that is in Question” are very styalized graphite drawings of what seems to be of her past memories and experiences. Such drawings seem to be more scarce in galleries in this day and age so it was enjoyable to see as well as motivate my drawing practices.

The gallery has a bit of everything.  The slightly interactive 3D image piece by Mark Soo is of 2 images of a recording studio where the viewer can choose to put on red and blue 3D glasses, altering the image to pop out of the frame and enhance the simple colors.




The mobility game had to utilize a form of mobile technology: cell phone, ipod, camera, tv, etc. and incorporate this into a public interaction game. I worked with the idea of screens and people’s tendency to escape into them such as the phone or ipod while in public environments. For the project I created 4 short video clips of different scenarios: the child experience, the pond experience, the drug experience, and the sleazy date experience which viewers could choose from to watch and use their imagination to be in this situation. Escape! Be someone or somewhere else for a moment in time. Change your reality!

Google map


Well I was very keen on creating a map of all the main weapons exporters and importers but finding solid information was harder than I thought. America has been the largest weapons exporter since 2002 then the UK, then Russia. The map would also end up being very dense in arrows and land marks since all countries export weapons everywhere and anywhere with no moral objection. Who fuels the weapons and thus the chaos in Africa, the Middle East, and South America. Our tax money is funding this chaos. Where can the protest begin? Yet since this has been happening for so long many feel there is virtually nothing we can do. Anyways, I want to make my a political graph of some sort.12023068-e7f2-99df-3cbce4ad9d3fcd19_1.jpg

seagul sign

Public intervention is a technique that should be used by every artist. Changing or enhancing a public or private environment or experience in order to affect how people perceive the area can be an effective way in making people think and question their surroundings oppose to taking them for granted and being passive, absorbing robots the 21st Century has created. As all know, many of us hide behind our computers and television sets, causing us to perhaps deny the reality happening in culture, politics and humanity. By placing provocative images and text in an area or just projecting a message could create revolutionary thought, but of course images and text can only go so far. I think I need to think about affecting American citizens since I am from there and don’t agree with our government spending our tax money on crazy actions like massive weapons, illusory terrorist wars, and walls between the US and Mexico. Also, the American people should be aware and comment on how our government and President support the lunatic king of Saudi Arabia just because they control oil!


Welcome to the pit of the skate park on renfrew and hastings.