Public Intervention


seagul sign

Public intervention is a technique that should be used by every artist. Changing or enhancing a public or private environment or experience in order to affect how people perceive the area can be an effective way in making people think and question their surroundings oppose to taking them for granted and being passive, absorbing robots the 21st Century has created. As all know, many of us hide behind our computers and television sets, causing us to perhaps deny the reality happening in culture, politics and humanity. By placing provocative images and text in an area or just projecting a message could create revolutionary thought, but of course images and text can only go so far. I think I need to think about affecting American citizens since I am from there and don’t agree with our government spending our tax money on crazy actions like massive weapons, illusory terrorist wars, and walls between the US and Mexico. Also, the American people should be aware and comment on how our government and President support the lunatic king of Saudi Arabia just because they control oil!


3 Responses to “Public Intervention”

  1. 1 ericsanpablo

    You’re right – I’m not sure if awareness is the problem… or unwillingness to take action. That said awareness is necessary for action to take place, but sometimes it feels as if that is where the majority of first world citizens stop at.

    American? Are you voting? Who are you rooting for right now?

  2. 2 emmacampbell

    Hey I really liked your public intervention and I saw that it was still up a couple days ago!

    p.s. I have cancelled my chalk drawing project, just incase you were planning on coming…

  3. Through provocative images artists have historically raised awareness of the possibilities of what can be.

    Energy. Raw materials. Food. Riches, real and perceived. Power. These have been the things that have driven men to attack and destroy. Our societies are driven by energy. Until sustainable energy becomes the norm, questionable alliances will remain in place. In economic terms, the energy industry employs and sustains thousands if not millions of people. Outrageously rich sheiks in gold plated Rolls Royces get our attention, but most work in obscurity, from petroleum engineers to the gas station attendants. The difficulty in society is how do we transfer this huge work force into solutions that are renewable and less damaging. People need to work to sustain themselves and their families, and will fight to keep that which feeds them. Until people demand change from the people that they have elected to provide leadership to new ways of doing things it will be difficult to break the eceonomic dependancies that sustain so many.

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