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Well I was very keen on creating a map of all the main weapons exporters and importers but finding solid information was harder than I thought. America has been the largest weapons exporter since 2002 then the UK, then Russia. The map would also end up being very dense in arrows and land marks since all countries export weapons everywhere and anywhere with no moral objection. Who fuels the weapons and thus the chaos in Africa, the Middle East, and South America. Our tax money is funding this chaos. Where can the protest begin? Yet since this has been happening for so long many feel there is virtually nothing we can do. Anyways, I want to make my a political graph of some sort.12023068-e7f2-99df-3cbce4ad9d3fcd19_1.jpg


3 Responses to “Google map”

  1. Hey,

    Is our Google Map project due tomorrow the 25th?


  2. 2 Kevin

    Edward Burtynsky

  3. 3 kevinhubbard

    Stick with your project, I think there’s a lot of room to do some funky stuff to it. What about taking it off digital and making it into an artwork? Who says Google map needs to stay online? Print it onto Garbage and you’re not only commenting you’re inadvertantly contributing to the problem! Nice irony.

    Good luck with the mobility game.

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