My goal in my artistic development is to be more conceptual and not just create on aesthetics. I’m stuck on what I think looks ‘cool’ or striking, but what does it mean? To put both hand in hand makes a piece all the more effective. Reading has helped  for inspiration such as articles from the critical magazine, Adbusters, which comments on western culture and politics. Adbusters urges and calculates big changes for our society such as for the environment.

As for my recent work, I have finally experimented with the silkscreen. I should have started much earlier because I feel it is a medium I would like to explore and work a lot more with in the future.

My piece ’21st Century’ I guess stands for the evolution to occur in our new century: technology, human relations, music, everything hopefully.

-21st Century 2007-

And then theres Mary and her little baby Jesus which is mainly for visual pleasure. Hope you all can agree.

-Mary and Child 2007-

Timeless consists of drawing, personal photography, and silk screen.


The Jesus Diptych is meant to be seen together. The assignment was to cover the same information but through different perspectives in drawing. What has Jesus become to different people after thousands of years? The image on the right also addresses over-patriotism and how that can delude perception. The stars on the flag are replaced with guns. The piece consists of color pencil and felt pen.

-Jesus Diptych 2008-

Abstraction reveals a man completely delirious to the chaos and destruction around him. The piece done with watercolor, color pencil, ink and felt pen, symbolizes denial even when the truth is right in front of the eyes.

Abstraction 2008-

Self Portrait. Done with graphite on cartridge paper.

-Self Portrait 08-


-Carnivore vines-

-Four Phill’s-



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