A friend of mine had a group of very intelligent friends studying the sciences like chemistry or quantum physics but when they graduated, none of them carried on to use what they had learned. One guy became an elementary teacher for instance. How are you going to apply this art or design education to your future? Are you really going to use what you’ve spent so much time and money learning? Another girl I’ve met who graduated from Emily Carr went on to become a librarian but still doing art on the side. My desire of course is to be successful using my art education rather than just having my skills be something I do on the side of my ‘real’ job. There are other art schools out there that prep you for a future career in your chosen field and provide a realistic approach to what you can do and how you can do it using your artistic skills. Emily Carr provides this in the 4th year but otherwise, it’s not their problem.

shadows in the desert




Searching for some inspiration. Developing a style to sell. With financial survival on my mind, I appreciate my privilege to indulge in my creative talent to achieve this opposed to being subjected to perhaps a more practical profession for society like construction. Collecting images I see around me to filter them in my own way to express, other artist’s work is one of my key inspirations like comic books. An English stencil-tagging artist I have just recently discovered, Banksy, is a extremely conceptual and very developed drawer who works mainly with political and cultural satire. Artists like this give me a better idea of what direction I would like to take with my work. Conceptual and aesthetic drawing applied to other media. Public, poster, magazine, and clothes design. We’ll see……What inspires you?


Hunters by Banksy